Friday, January 22, 2010


i have more , but my hands are empty
i have everyone , yet i feel lonely
what is it that im missing
what is this im waiting

excited for what the future holds
yet scared whats behind that door
will you take me, will you keep me
or leave me just like everyone else did

i want to walk ahead
but my foot stuck instead
i want to go where my thoughts lead to
but my feet want to stay

take me away
anywhere you'd want to be
take my hands
then it will no longer be empty.

Thursday, January 21, 2010



you made me smile
you showed me the world in different eyes
we talked and laughed all night
till the sun is in sight

i knew it wasn't right
and you knew i would get hurt
we are like one coin
its sad when we are in both sides of it

it had to stop
it had to end
before it gets in too deep
and might find it hard to claw back up

you came back
and you had me at hello
and i went beating on the red light again
on and on i went
please don't make it stop

but in the road ahead
i know there will be another red light
i will beat another red light for you
if you'll ask me to.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010



'Twas a beautiful night
for he held my hand so tight
he stroked my hair
like he really care
he rubbed my back
and made me feel that everything is alright.
it looked unreal yet i had no doubt it was so true.
is he here for real?
or was he just the muse i once knew?
was it just a spur of the moment?
i knew it wasn't right yet it didn't feel so wrong at all.
and for a moment ,
i didn't want to think and rather let the time pass by.
i didn't want to end it but rather savor every minute ...
...every second of it for I know that my reality is near.
one way or another,
it was still a beautiful night

...a really special one.
i know it won't last a lifetime for it was just a spur of the moment.
i promised not to take things seriously
but in the end, I broke it.
well, he need not worry, for i will let him go.
i can never keep him.
i can not have him.

i will try not to miss him
I know for sure that he won't miss me that much
but i can not promise not to think of him as much,
cause he's too special not to think about.
no expectations.
not anymore.

'cause the anticipation of his voice and his messages might break me
if those possibilities might not come

...cause i know, I was just a spur of the moment.