Sunday, July 29, 2012

Windy and Rainy Afternoon

I should be going on a bike ride today but on second thought, I decided to stay home; chat with my sister; update this blog and harvest our home farmed squash. Besides, the weather isn't so good today. It's so windy and the weather can't make up her mind, to rain or not to rain.

For the windy and rainy afternoon, the househelp prepared "Dinurog". It's mashed squash combined with coconut milk, brown sugar and vanilla.

The taste is to die for. This is what it takes to have the best cook and homegrown veggies.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Learning French

It's more fun learning French with my granduncle's son, Rufino Cabang .

Hitting Two Pigs with One Bird

Last few weeks, I should be writing letters to loved ones and some new found friends online. I miss receiving mails and I hate to say this but I think hand-written letters is a lost art. Change of plans. I have to defer this project. Things got busy when my friends Michael Yu and Joseph Ven Dumadag of Bluegrass Project ordered some craft items for a certain wedding. On a side note, I have been supplying handmade items to Bluegrass Project for a while now.

I love making something new and pretty things even if nobody cares. Crafting gives me a different kind of high.  It's like hitting two pigs with one bird ( for the angry birds fan). It relieves stress ; fills me with the feeling of accomplishment and at the same time I get to earn from it which makes me a happy girl -- happier than a bird with a French fry.

Easy elegance at the verdant pavilion of Panglao Island Nature Restort, Bohol by Bluegrass Project

Handmade paper flowers by me, myself and I. More or less 80 large paper flowers to fill the whole wall. I hope creations made the ambiance special.

" Evergreen rice seedlings provide an easy, calming contrast to the vibrant bloom palettes. " -- Michael Yu

It's always an honor working with these two beautiful, talented, creative and warm-hearted people. To Michael Yu and Joseph Ven Dumadag , you are an inspiration.

Photos by: Michael Yu

Saturday, July 21, 2012