Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thank You!

I'd like to list some of the things I'm grateful for just to keep my perspective on what is really important in my life.

- For my family.We may not think or act alike; we may differ in our principles and opinions ; we may be geographically apart but we relate to each other, we understand, we love and we respect one another.

- For my parents. I'm thankful to be the daughter of two imperfect and unique people. They gave me everything that they possibly could and even some things they possibly couldn't. They supported and loved me in many ways they could.

- For technology. Technology connects people.

- For my real friends and fake ones too. It’s not always that you meet friends who’ve been there for you not just for the highs but also for the lows. And for the fake and peek-a-boo friends, thank you for all the lessons and making me appreciate the real ones even more.

- For fulfilling my dreams... to learn how to ride a bike. It is somehow one in the many dreams I wrote in my bucket list.

- For my funky Lazer helmet which keeps me safe when I go for a ride with the bike I borrowed. tehee!

- For the opportunity to travel. Thank you Ma for the support in my travels even though it always worries you my safety every time I travel; even though we get little fights on the expenses, and yet you still allow me to.

- For my healthy eyes. Despite how abusive I can be with my eyes, I can still clearly see without any aid. Thank you God!

- For the opportunity to live in a relatively peaceful province, Bohol, where there is less crimes and robbers, thieves, snatchers scavenging around.

- For my weirdness, for this indicates a creative force.

- For my awesomeness. I'm not at all perfect ,but I know in my heart that I'm a nice and a kind person. As much as I could, I don't want to hurt anyone or be mean to anyone. I love to make people happy and see them happy. Love! Love! Love! Thanks to my family for nurturing an awesome me and for all the guidance despite of being stubborn and a brat that I have been in my childhood.

- Thank You Lord for keeping me in good hands no matter I tend to slip away sometimes.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

A guilty pleasure is something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it. (source: Wikipedia). I too have a fair share of guilty pleasures.

1. Playing Sudoku justifies the time I wasted. With all the time consumed in solving puzzles, I could have done more productive things. Yet, it doesn't make me feel I've wasted any of my time.

2. Watching the Jamie Oliver, Everyday Giada, Anthony Bourdain Shows or the Food Network are fattening for me. I don't like to watch it because these shows make me hungry every time I watch it and yet, I still do every time they're on.

3. French Fries is obviously one sinful food.

4. Cyber stalking - the thrill of finding things, connecting with friends from across the miles and keeping up with the family away from home. It's not much of a bad thing but sometimes it consumes all my time when I could rather paint, plant in the garden, bake or blog.

5. Chocolates and desserts --These are the things that need no further explanations.

6. Getting a tan every summer. It is not common for a Filipina to love getting a tan, and it is somehow unhealthy but for me, it makes me feel great and sexy.

7. Popping bubble wrap. For the past few months, I am giving an extra effort for the preservation of the environment. I am for the earth-friendly movement. This earth has always been good to me and I want to give back to the environment by stopping it from destruction in my own little ways. I have been practicing a lot of ways on how to reduce the use of plastic but, oh my! popping bubble wrap is just so irresistible. Those satisfying pops just gives me a stress relief magic and a fun surprise.

8. Daydreaming. Daydreaming can be two things, it keeps you motivated and gives you room to be creative or it will remain as a lazy, non-productive pastime. In my case, it is a combination of both.

9. Cleaning my ears with cotton swabs even if it's already clean. Frequent cleaning of ears can cause problems, worse it can cause deafness. But I can't help it, it just gives me that certain kind of high when I clean my ears. Eargasmic!

Now, it's your turn, what are your guilty pleasures?

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Once you get a wish list, there's no point of getting conservative about it. Well, this is how liberal I could get.

1. iWANT a Leica digital camera. Leica 18151 D-Lux 5 Digital camera - with a DSLR technology compacted to this little thing, who wouldn't want this. ...and it's Leica! Everybody wants a Leica. You can attend parties and events with your mini black dress and red stilletos without looking like a paid photographer with the big DSLR camera.

For now, I can't afford it but I can settle with a Canon Powershot SX230HS. It is a user-friendly compact camera with awesome features. You don't need to have a DSLR to be a good photographer, and having one doesn't make you either.

2. iWANT to try film camera. I think a Diana Deluxe Camera Kit will be interesting and challenging. For me, this would be an amazing way to get into film photography.

...and iWant it more when it comes with this Epson V300 Photo Color Scanner, with excellent quality at a less expensive price.

3. iWANT a HDMI Video Theater Projector

... so i could achieve this.

4. You really don't have to be young to find a friend in a teddy bear. iWANT this humongous bear.

... and it has to come with a big, warm hug from the pretty young lady (Yna).

5. iWANT this funky car. I'm not sure if I can fit in this or this car could carry me but who cares, this is my wish list.

... and of course, it has to come with a big, warm hug from the handsome boy too.

I could go on and on but this is how far I can get for now.