Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Trip to Vinnie's

Vinnies is an organization who helps and assists those in need which are then funded by donations and by holding fundraising. They accept donations whether in monetary or in goods. They sell the donated second-hand goods in several Vinnie’s retail  shops around Australia. And I , myself is also in need. I need a brand new start and some kitchen wares. For someone who’s starting on a new place,  and for someone who doesn’t buy things in full price ( as much as possible) , a trip to Vinnies, i must say, a smart move.  It's not only good for my pocket but also good for those supported by the foundation. Definitely a win-win situation, yah?!

As I entered the shop, I was flabbergasted with the items showcased. They were all beautiful and still in good condition at a reasonably low cost.
20130712_110149 20130712_110219

Thanks to the Filipino who donated this shirt.

I am forever a " One Tree Hill " fan, if only I could fit in this tiny T.

This looks pretty and dainty. But naaah, dolls like these creep me out. Blame it to Chuckie. 

I went home with 4 correll plate, and a couple of glasses that matches my plates.   
20130726_100801 20130726_100822

A mug that comes with a teaspoon for my coffee or tea.  

A dozen of clothes hanger for a dollar.  Sorry, I forgot to take photos. I used them already. But I tell you, they were pretty in pink.
Not bad yah! Smart buy.

I’ll be moving in days, and I hope there’ll be a Salvo or Vinnie’s nearby.  Salvos , Vinnie’s and second hand shops excites me, especially those who sells vintage items.  Other than shopping at a low price, chances are, rarely would you bump someone wearing the same thing as you compared to those on department stores.