Friday, July 31, 2009


July 28,2009. Jerilee Gayle Yap or "Gay" as how everyone calls her, and I have a co-owned dog, a red miniature pincher or mini pincher named Maia. Maia lives with Gay. One morning, Gay texted me that Maia had delivered a puppy. We never knew that Maia is pregnant but Gay had a hunch though. Its a boy! a black mini pincher puppy. Why black? the great grandmother is a black mini pincher named "elektra", who also lives with Gay; the diva; and the queen of all the dogs in the house. Anyways, we were so happy that finally Maia now have her own puppies, but wished she had more. After almost a day of waiting, 7 pm., gayle texted me to come over her place, Maia is about to deliver another puppy and asked me to come over and bring some "carton" or cardboard. So i hurried, looked for "carton" where Maia and the puppies could lay. But i was too late, Maia had delivered 2 more puppies and both were already dead. But the consolation is, at least we had 1.

this is
maia and her black pup

Gay feeding the puppy since maia doesn't know yet how to breastfeed .

2 days after the delivery,
Gay texted me that we need to go see a veterinarean to have the puppy checked. The puppy had reddish colored stools. But i read the message late, they have already gone to the veterinarean. The puppy is hypothermic, he had to be wrapped in a warm towel for a minute every 15 minutes. She was well taken cared then.

August 03, 2009, 7:06 AM, the puppy was pronounced dead. To you, whom we plan to call Lucas, and to the 2 puppies who didn't make it, you are now angel puppies who somehow brought excitement to our lives. And to his father, Lance , who had been lost for several weeks now, we hope and pray that you are well taken cared of.

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