Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I had the most, if not the most but one of the most embarrassing and depressing moments of my life last Saturday (july 25, 2009). I won't go into details about that because that's not the story. Anyways, my sister ,ditse Lilian Nalupa-Divinagracia or mahdicci as I would love to call her, is always there to cheer me up. Well, "watamahgunnahdowidawtmahdicci" ! She knows just how to ease me up, make me laugh and simply divert my thoughts and feelings from whats bothering me. Paola, Tessa, and Iki (son and daughters of tito Ringkoy Dumadag and tita Margie Corales- Dumadag) who came home here in Bohol from Frederick , Maryland for a vacation, came by for a visit and handed me a package. A package from mahdicci . Yay! Ayang,the youngest daughter of the Dumadags, was supposedly there to hand me the package together with the other siblings , but she fell asleep on the laps of her papa Ringkoy in the car. Time-check, this is now Sunday (July 26) approximately 8pm. Anyways, to continue, the kids handed me the gifts one by one as instructed by mahdicci. And as instructed , they had to see me open each gift.

Yeah, i know its not for me. its for a friend of mahdicci. The kids had to hear me count the money.

Each shoe, not pair of shoes but each shoe was wrapped separately so it would look like she sent me lots of gifts. It was a lot though but she wants it to look like its more than i think it was.

i got 3 pairs of shoes and i adore them a lot. i just have to wear my sunglasses with this one.

At last, i get to have these lip tintmarkers. I've been wanting and longing for these for 3 years. My sister ,the eldest sister Ma. Aimee Nalupa-Bagnol, or should i say, mahAte introduced me to this product. It doesn't spill or smudge anything in your bag; you can use it as a lipstick or a cheek tint; the tint leaves on longer than you think and aaaay just luuuuuuuv it. I've had several people asked to find me this product for 3 years, since the day it ran out of ink... Finally!

I used to drink Crystal Light Lemonade which my mother Flaviana Lawson sent me, but i haven't tried their Iced Tea yet.

Wheat bread with peanut butter and mayo, paired with Crystal Light Iced tea . I don't like it, mahdicci because, i luuuuv it.

After opening each gift,
mahdicci and i chatted and then slept with my 3 new pairs of shoes, my liptintmarkers and the Iced tea beside me.


  1. Where did you find those kissinks?

    I want some too.

  2. I am green with envy. How I wish someone will surprise me too... as in 10x more.

    I am so glad you liked them.

  3. @ PAJ, i dont know where mahdicci bought it.

    @Lili, Thank you so much. you will get your surprises 10x more hmmmmmm, in His time..hehehe!

  4. I didn't remember what was the money for? Hahahaha.

    Jan Geum Ditse
    Thinking Out Loud