Thursday, February 5, 2015


Originally posted : Thursday 09/10/2009


There are days that you want certain things to happen but instead of sunshine, there comes rain

...that you wanted pancakes for breakfast but you only have cereal

...that you craved for ice cream in the evening but all stores are closed

...that you wanted a white Chuck Taylor but only the red one fits you

...that you wanted to watch Ice Age in 3D but when you get to the movie house, they don't have the 3D feature

...that you wanted the whole day in Disneyland yet you only get a few hours

...that you wanted a strawberry smoothie but they ran out of fresh strawberries

...that you wished for a good parking space but you get none

...that when you asked for Mango iced tea and you get soda instead

...that you expected for an ultimate orgasm but you only get foreplay.


  1. I agree to everything you said, especially the last one. Bwahahaha!

  2. I actually liked that you reference a song to this. Adulting teaches us so much a bout this! :)