Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saved By The Sunnies

It was a busy morning shift. And I barely got any sleep last night. I have a sleeping problem that is why morning shift doesn't always work for me. Anyhow, I sprinted to the tram stop right when I got out from the building. Just when I was a few meters away from the stop, I saw the tram pass by. It came 2 minutes earlier than scheduled, and the next one is coming in 12 minutes, yet. I saw a bench nearby. I lied down while no one was watching, then took a selfie. The next thing I knew, a guy was standing in front of the bench. Darn, I fell asleep. I stood up and shyly offered half of the bench to the stranger, but he refused.

Stranger: No, thanks (then he smirked). You seem tired. Haven't you slept last night?

Me: No, and I just came from work. It's a busy day. What makes you say so?

Stranger: 'Cause you were snoring. (big smile)

Good thing, I was wearing my sunnies. It makes it less embarassing.


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