Wednesday, December 5, 2012

All I Want For Christmas

I wasn't tagged or anything by anyone to make a post of " All I Want For Christmas"  , I was just inspired by my sister Lily of Thinking Out Loud 's post to make a list of my own. In this way I get to figure out what I really want and somehow people who needs to hear this will get the point. Har! Har! Har!

Hmmmm ... It says "Share the top six items on my wish list. ". I never knew this would be darn hard. It's like that moment when someone asks you to tell more about yourself, and you're like : " Oh God, who am I? ".  I sure have a lot in mind but it's the rating on who gets to the top chart that makes it tough. 

Anyway, Christmas is fast approaching and I need to make the list.

All I want for Christmas is:

1. I want to get my baby repaired.
It has been a very very long while since I played this piano after we've been conned by a piano repair man. Strings need to be replaced and a lot of tuning to do. It's a bit costly and I intend to travel next year, so perhaps this can come true on next Christmas or two.

2. A new watch , a new watch and a new watch. I like it gold, silver, black, or white. I always like it big and beautiful!
1. MK watches silver chronograph runway 2. MK watches black runway  3. MK two tone stainless steel 4. MK Champaigne dial Horn Acrylic Ladies Watch
The brand doesn't matter much , it's the style that caught my eye first. But I wouldn't mind getting a Michael Kors watch. *wink

3. Cycling apparel. Now that I'm into biking or cycling, I'd like to look good when I'm on the road

Cycling Apparel for Women at Amazon 

4. ((( CHOCOLATES )))

5. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain ; make-ups and make-up brushes

6.Pretty gift wraps, bags and colorful cartolinas . I don't know why but I've always been fond of collecting them. It simply brings smile to my face.

7.   Jewelry 
9.   Bags and shoes
10. Bubble machine
11. I want my car pimped
12. A new oven. 
13. Twinkies , Devil dogs 
14. Cricut machine
15. Wall paint so I can start repainting the house myself
16. Fabric for new curtains, sheets and dresses
17. Ca$h and the list goes on and on....

.... Truly once ideas pop, you can't stop.

Your turn!

Tag post rules:

1.) Kindly use the same title and as well as the first photo that I put here (that blurry picture of a Christmas tree above) in your post.

2.) List six things that you want to receive for Christmas.

3.) Tag six of your friends to make the same post ( no tag backs ). I want to know my nephew and nieces Christmas wish list : Jason of Eh? , Nicole of Panama Lane and Yna of Miss Haps .  For those who are not tagged, feel free to share your wishlists in your comment below or make your own post with the same title and photo.

4.) Send me the link so I could check it out too. ( Post your link in the comment box below.)


  1. I think I want to go biking na pod.

    I want to see closer the photos on top of the piano.

    May all your wishes come true! :D

  2. A piano! You should really have that fixed!

    I was weirded out by the one on the lower left corner of the cycling apparel pic! I didn't know such thing exists.. looks like an underwear with a sanitary napkin, lol

    I want the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain too!

    Good luck on your wishes!

    1. Hahaha! padded underwear to protect our thingy when riding a bike. Looks like a diaper, right?