Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ice Giants

After an all night long strolling and picture taking at Jack's Ridge, it's about time to chow down. My nieces and nephews brought me to Ice Giants. On a cold November night, we had icy desserts.

We were greeted by an inflatable snowman
Before the blitz.
Boys next table digging a bucket of pop corn.
3 kilos Chocolate Titans dessert good for 5 persons or more. Finely shaved ice topped with scoops of ice cream, choco fudge brownies, chocolate chips, chocolate wafer sticks, chocolate syrups and loads of chocolate fun fillings.
French fries platter. I don't dig the Australian flag but the twister fries tastes good.
We didn't get enough of the first bowl so we ordered for a second one. This time , it's Gigantic Halo-halo filled with the usual halo-halo ingredients. The staff's jaw dropped after we took the second order.
Glutted and chilled.

Service was good. The place was colorful, brightly lit and clean. I just wish that the interior would look like an igloo with staffs looking like eskimos. 

Sta. Ana Avenue ( along Davao Central High School )