Monday, August 19, 2013

Count your blessings

It has  been a toxic week for me. I'm doing my MBA and I'm also taking Aged Care classes in a different school in preparation for my Nursing home experience. Tons of assignments in my masters subjects , cramming for my Aged Care classes and adjusting to a new place is like hell. I have to wake up awfully early to make my breakfast; assemble my sandwich for lunch; prepare my coffee in a thermos for the day; sit on my thrown to try pooping ( i'm sorry for the visual ); take a shower; decide on what to wear; walk a few blocks to the train station; then walk a few blocks again to get to the school campus. Besides school challenges, the adjustment in a new place is very difficult. It's a different world for me when I am in a habit of having Remy ( the help ) around doing most of the preparation. One time, when I saw the laundry over flowing, and my bedroom looking like a war zone, I couldn't help but burst into tears. This past few days for me has been  rough. Then I bumped into this video.

How can I complain?


  1. Awww.... nice video... Any reflections you had after watching it? Chill ka lang jan ha... Jan ka lang, dito lang kami... Gets? hehe

    Always find time to enjoy. Make friends! GO!

    1. How can I complain? There are people who have far more bigger problems and pains than I have.

      Thanks a lot Senyorrr!

    2. Thanks to you and my sister for always inspiring me to update my blog.