Friday, September 6, 2013

One Fine Day

After attending a Christian service in Melbourne, my friends and I decided to have lunch together, also, to salute their fathers away from home and mine in heaven above on father’s day. We thought of going to Degrave Street, a narrow street with an array of dining options. But, on second thought, for sure, it is full packed knowing that it’s Father’s day here in Australia. Everyone is out celebrating father’s and the father figure day. One suggested to have lunch in St Kilda by the beach. Oh well! Why not! I haven’t been to any beach in Melbourne yet. And so we went.

As we strolled along the beach, and after approximately an hour to decide where to eat, we finally settled to dine at Stokehouse Café. The location was good with a picturesque view of the beach, the people and the seagulls. The café was packed which means, it must be a good place then. Although, we waited for 30 minutes for our table, food service was quick.

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I had "Prawn and crab lenguini with white wine and sorrel" , entree size, paired with Somersby pear cider at $19 and $9 respectively. The pasta was al dente. It was covered with savoury sauce with a slight hint of olive oil and topped extravagantly with sliced prawns and crab meats. The pear cider was like drinking carbonated juice with a tinge of alcohol ( approximately 4.5%).
My friends had " twice cooked duck leg, witlof leaves, roasted pears , candied pecans, and bacon" at $27 and "smoke roasted baby carrots, honey, burnt butter, thyme and yoghurt" at $12. Apparently. the duck leg tasted a bit bland, however the baby carrots were sweet and crunchy.

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"Smoke roasted calamari,chilli, lemon and parsley" ($15) and "chips, herb salts" ($9). I did not get to taste the calamari, the serving size was small for one person ( imho) but according to my friend, it has a smoky flavor and tender texture. It was not so bad and not so good at the same time.
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Meals were quite costly, nevertheless, it was a beautiful experience. Good view, not so bad food topped with great company.

Stokehouse Cafe
St Kilda Beach
30 Jacka Boulevard
St Kilda 3182
Victoria, Australia
Tel. No. +613 9525 5445 Stokehouse Cafe on Urbanspoon