Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Holiday Paradise

It’s been a pretty long while since I last posted. Things got busy applying for a job while on school vacation and as usual, I suck on time management. Anyway, catching up ---- on Christmas Eve, my housemates and I went to a birthday party. We partied and chatted with fellow Filipinos in the community till 1AM. And on Christmas morning, we started the day hearing a Holy Mass. As time went on, I watched the tellie while chatting with my sister Lili on Viber, the best communication application for people miles apart. My Christmas day may be boring for some, but for me, nothing is boring when you are happy and in so much comfort doing the things you love.

The next day, the 26th is Boxing day. It is like Black Friday or Thanksgiving day for the Americans . Everything in Melbourne is on sale; sale over sale; discounts over discount. My friends and I didn’t spend boxing day or post-Christmas day in the mall, rather , we roasted on the beach. We had sandwiches and of course, Christmas isn't  Christmas without the Kris Kringle. While people up north are having a white, chilly Christmas, people here down south are enjoying a hot summer one.

Our sunny Christmas is a holiday paradise.

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