Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bathing Boxes

My friend and I are suckers for sunsets or sunrises. The view is just awemazing . It’s the best time to read, write journals or planners, or perhaps just gaze at the view with an empty mind. We went to Brighton Beach where the colourful bathing boxes in Australia are located. Actually, we first saw it in a Samsung advertisement. So we looked it up. When we got there, the place was too beautiful not to have photo opportunities. We got preoccupied on getting good shots that we forgot our purpose of going there. Anyhow, we will go back next time with little less of pictorials and a little more of the reading, writing or simply enjoying silence and the view.


  1. i am a sucker only for sunsets...i am too lazy during mornings. LOL nice pics btw!

    1. Actually, it's sunsets most of the time. It's hard to catch up sunrise but when I do, it's feels liberating.

  2. wow bagong bihis ang blog. ganda ng vibe. maaliwalas. i saw those bathing boxes somewhere.... sa movie...di ko maalala