Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Home Away From Home

Our ( me and three other flatmates ) humble abode down under. From the suburbs, I moved to the city to get closer to my university and to where I work as well. As much as possible, we made the apartment as homey as we can. A home away from home.

20140405_105857 Throw pillows, throws, lamp, flexible wooden man and phalaenopsis orchid from IKEA. A place, where I consider you can never come out empty handed. Their building was built like a maze where they keep the customers inside as long as they can. The items sold are very tempting and lure you to pick up few impulse purchases. It is a trap but a beautiful one.

Plastic chair, synthetic turf and potted plants are from Bunning's Warehouse, Australia's largest hardware and household stores. Not to brag, but we have the prettiest balcony in the whole building.
20140409_134245 IMG_20140409_141522 IMG_20140405_105429 IMG_20140405_105616
Plain and Printed. Rent is dear here in Melbourne. That is why, it is wiser to share it with friends ... friends that I consider family.


  1. Very nice apartment. Your living room photo looks photoshopped. Everything is black and white and the colors on the pillows are edited.

    1. Thank you! ... The apartment was all grey, off white and black, we wanted colors to stand out.