Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas in Oz

Christmas is not celebrated by all here in Australia. It is a multicultural place composed of Islams, Buddhist, Hindus and Jews. And everybody is working on Christmas. It's kind of lonely here especially when an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) is spending Christmas away from home. But ... they say that happiness is a choice, so, loneliness is also a choice. I spent Christmas eve preparing for "Noche Buena", a feast that Filipinos traditionally partake at midnight on Christmas day. I cooked the savory while my roommate, a patissierie student prepared the dessert right when she got home from work. The other flatmate, helped assemble the meringue into a cone shape, resembling a christmas tree. 10610571_616328391827628_711169881558059849_n Noche Buena prep. Pardon the clutter at the back. 1393626_605308759596900_7044382899193466823_n IMG_20141225_032208 10846293_605308702930239_5897547351774677291_n-2 10306389_605308659596910_1219550103399457210_n Happy Christmas everyone !


  1. Wow! ...and you told me that you will not decorate for Christmas. The table is so festive already. Congratulations on your successful cooking for your noche buena bisan sige ko nimo gitawagan for the glaze recipe. hehehe

    1. Thanks for the glaze recipe. It was good.

      I can not let our table to go bare on any occasion. :)