Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rock 'n Roll

Inspired by a pin on Pinterest and a blog by Pure and Noble, I made a pebble art. I painted or drew on pebbles the way I know how.


     - pebbles
     - Staedtler technical pen 
     - white ink ( white ink for gray or black pebbles; black for white ones )
     - clear lacquer spray paint 


1. Make sure the pebbles are clean. You can wash it with soap then let it dry.

 2. Put white ink on the technical pen, that is if you're using a gray/black pebble. Make sure that the pen is immaculately clean from other colored ink. I suggest use a new one to spare you from cleaning a used pen. 

3. Start drawing or scribbling words or notes.

4. Seal it with clear lacquer spray paint to avoid from peeling or scraping .