Monday, January 28, 2013

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

" In the jungle, the mighty jungle 
the lion sleeps tonight 
In the jungle, the quiet jungle
the lion sleeps tonight. 

Wimoweh, wimoweh, wimoweh " 

Grab your passport! A wild safari themed party is on the loose. Gayle of Partycles Alert and I styled this party for her little one, together with the help of the men of Bluegrass Project. 

Guests received custom-made jungle-safari passport invites, inviting them to enter Enzo's animal kingdom. The venue was perfect for the theme. With an open air reception area and wooden structures gave an absolute backdrop. 

Animal prints lead the guests to the reception hall and were welcomed with animal shaped visors.

Buffet tables were dressed with animal printed table cloth and guest's tables were all in white decorated with jungle diorama as its center piece. 

The details goes on an on from the napkin rings to the photo walls.

Photo wall painted by a friend, Fred Jedan Carnice

Animal shaped cookies by Melotte Dumadag Ybanez
Cake and cupcakes by Charmaine Dumadag Usares

Jungle dioramas by Bluegrass Project
Tripod with jungle greens by Bluegrass Project
With the mommy and my bestie. Instead of " pin the donkey's tail ", I drew a zebra and called it, " pin the zebra's tail ".
Who doesn't love confetti?


  1. Wow the party looks well designed... I love the safari vibe.

    Love it... Thank you for sharing this post. The next time my nephew celebrates his bday, I'll contact you for pointers. We can't afford to hire party planner.

    1. Thanks Senyor! It would be a pleasure to share you some points and some diy's. Safari theme is fun and easy to play with.

  2. Galing! You can be a good Party Planner. Kugihana pod nimo gahimo adtong cup cakes and animal thingy. hehehhe cute!

    1. Thank you! ... But unfortunately, I didn't make the cup cakes. :)