Monday, December 9, 2013

Sipping Pina Colada

I should be going to the library this afternoon and go for grocery shopping but the rain kept me home. I'm the kind of person who's not fond of bringing an umbrella, it's an extra effort for me. When in a middle of a shower, I would rather get wet than bring out my umbrella and worry after on how to store it when I arrive to wherever my destination is. Anyway, it's just rain. However, when it is really pouring hard, then I practically have no choice. Today, I wasn't in the mood to walk in the rain and embarrassingly drip rain water inside the library. I decided to stay home and listen to, Buenavista Social Club as I imagined myself in a tropical island, sipping pina colada.


 An addition to my ambitious bucket list is to see them play live ( click here ).


  1. sama tayo... i hate bringing payong...

  2. I love bringing payong and wear rain boots and ponchos, then sing while walking in the rain.


    1. i can do that too, pero sa gawas lang sa balay. hehe!