Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy Pill

My housemate was in search for the perfect stocking fit for the perfect dress to wear for a perfect party. And she dragged me to come with her to the mall. While on the verge of finding that perfect thing, a chocolate shop beacons. Koko Black. We went inside Koko Black and drooled over displays of chocolates. Then I said to myself, " No way I'm giving in. This is way way sinful ". We immediately went out from the shop but after a few steps from the doorway, we went back inside. A sudden urge to give in. The shop was too tempting to refuse.


Chocolate treats made to share as gifts.


I had Chocolate Affogato ( $8.50 ), a carafe of hot chocolate poured over a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Affogato is italian for " drowned ". From the traditional Italian dessert, gelato drowned with espresso, Koko Black created a chocolate version for the chocoholics. The whole concoction of vanilla bean ice cream and hot chocolate drink is superb making it more creamy. A perfect union of ICE cream and HOT chocolate drink. You can either eat it with a spoon or drink it from the glass. I did both. The whole serving comes with a cookie treat which tastes like the traditional Filipino baked polvoron.


She had Hot Chocolate ( $6.50 ), their signature beverage freshly brewed to a traditional Belgian recipe. I got to taste her drink too. It was rich, creamy and flavourful. It was not too hot and not too cold. For her, the temperature was just right. But I prefer my hot drink to be hot, not warm. However, taste wise, it was heaven in a cup.


And we shared a traditional platter of chocolate which includes two pralines, florentines, chocolate cake, mousse and ice cream. A Belgian spoil. The mousse was divine; scooped perfectly with a little surprise inside. The pralines were of perfect crunch. I did not get to taste everything on the platter, my gut could no longer endure another bite, the chocolate affogato left me with a heavy stomach.


Service was fast and the attendant took time to explain which one is which from the dessert platter.


You can tell a chocolate parlor serves good food when the place is packed. Good thing there were two tables available so that we need not queue outside.


Find me.


" Chocolate doesn't ask silly questions, chocolate understands. "

Koko Black 
Chadstone Shopping Center
Chadstone, VIC 03148  
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  1. I like chocolates but not as much as you. I love choco drinks and coffee more. I want my food either warm to hot or cold.

    1. And you don't like icing like i do. :)

  2. Parang gusto ko dyan na lng tumira ... Ilovechocolates!

    1. kung pwede lang kung hindi lang sana tayo magka-diabetes .

      Thanks for dropping by kulapitot!

  3. oh nmy... sana may ganyan dito... it's love! hyyyy

    1. kaya i felt giddy when I saw the shop, walang ganito sa amin.... Sana nga meron.