Monday, September 28, 2009


me @ 1 year and a half

1. Sky dive

2. Learn how to ride a bike, a motorcycle and learn how to swim

3. Learn how to play the violin, guitar and master piano skills

4. Help the less fortunate by joining medical missions. Be a philanthropist.

5. Travel to discovered and undiscovered places.

6. Be an OR nurse.

7. Witness the Aurora Borealis with my VIP in life

8. Learn how to sew

9. Scale Mt. Apo

10. Learn baking

11. Learn a foreign language ( Spanish, French or Italian)

12. Have my own closet like Kimora's

13. Shopping spree in a bookstore

14. Read a book. So many books so little time.

15. Name the stars and its constellation

16.Go to the Library of Congress

17. Learn target shooting and archery ( archery is my brother's sport back when he was young)

18. Learn to tattoo. Even just one small design is more than enough for me.

19. Sing a song without getting out of tune.

20. Enjoy and experience motherhood. Three is too many, one is too few, two is enough but I could settle for only one. I will be more than happy then.

21. Join an immersion program with an indigenous group for at least a week .

22. Meet my first crush back when I was still in first grade.

23. Make my Mama proud and happy.

24. Road trip from Appari to Sulu

25. A happy family reunion with my sisters, brother and their families and with my mother and step-father as well, with all problems and grudges settled.

26. Meet the guy who'll sing to me that certain song. When he does, i will ask him to marry me. hahaha!

27. Settle down with my kid/s and my VIP...uuhmmm and a dog.

28. Learn or try drifting cars.

29. Learn photography from the pro, my Brod.

30. To have my own shoe line that carries my size of course.

31. Swim with the dolphins.


  1. Replies
    1. I realized, this is too ambitious. But, who knows! I have actually learned how to ride a bike after my 30's.