Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Photo by Eloise

Do you believe in magic? Do you believe in spark at first sight? Do you believe in signs? Do you believe in strange coincidences? I did and I still do. I can't explain the feeling but it did really happen to me. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. It makes me smile.

Free Fallin'

Is falling in love that easy? .... that quick? Is making the right decision that hard? Is praying and hoping what you want fair? Is it true that sometimes falling in love comes in a flash? Will it go as quick as it came? I hope not. I want to linger on to that feeling of free falling. .... of being in love. But then again, I can't help doubting myself if it is the right decision. What if he won't catch me because he can't? I wish I can stay in cloud 9 at this very moment but I've got no choice and be under that cloud of doubt for the meantime.

I can't sleep these past few weeks. This so called reality is indeed so much better than my dreams. He is my caffeine. He is my Tylenol. He is my sunshine after the rain. He is the light in my tunnel. He made all the pain go away. He was the reason that I found laughter again. He made me feel good. He made it all better.

In the past years, I remember praying for all things to be in my favor. I did so fervently for years. I didn't get what I wanted and they ended up on deaf ears. It disappointed me. I lost hope. I stopped believing in prayers until I realized that there were reasons why they weren't heard. I hope , as what Lil Divine says, my unanswered prayers will be my greatest gift from God. If I can't have him then I am very happy and grateful to have and treasure the friendship. No matter how much I really wanted to be selfish this time again but I won't. I will pray for what is best for me, for him and for everybody. I just need to cling to hope a little bit tighter.

FYI, I am not expecting for someone who can sweep me off my feet. ...who can give me the moon and the stars instead watch the stars and the moon with me. I am not looking for someone who can shower me with Louis Vuittons and Guccis ...but someone who'd cry with me when I am hurt. ...who'd laugh with me when I'm happy . Someone who'd fight for me even if sometimes I think I am hardly worth it. ... someone who'll love me for being me. If I can't have the Mr. Right then I am fine with the OKAY one. :)

Now, I am opening my life with all the possibilities. I have cleaned all my senses. I will be rocking this world. I am getting ready to take another plunge again. So now, I am holding my breath and I'm excited for what is coming hereafter.

He told me once that love is the answer. I agree with him.Thank you Love for making my world go round and round. Because of you, I am living life and loving it all over again.

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