Monday, September 21, 2009


My Caffeine Rehab Photo. :)

* Wishing how nice it is to sit under the stars and name them and its constellations.

* Sitting by the phone and hoping that he'd call and sing me a song again.

* Ding...Ding...Ding! Buzzing until you get a reply.

* Wondering when he's gonna wake you up and play Bingo chess like he used to.

* Missing how the kitchen smells when he's around.

* Used to hate it when he screams your name every time he needs something and now, you miss bringing him a glass of water or switching the light off for him.

* So pissed every time he pinches you with his toes like crabs do, and now you keep looking for such pain.

* "charm...charms....sweetheart" wake up calls which you used to hate and now you long for it.

* Staring at an empty space on the what if's, what could've been and what's it gonna be. :)

* Wishing he'd say "i miss you" so you could say "ditto". :)

* Sharing crispy laughter for nonsensical reasons because it's him you are spending time with. :)

* Wondering whatever happened to my free falling. Blag! :)

* When you don't want to give up caffeine because caffeine makes you a happy camper. :)

* Missing that "kilig" feeling every time you see that certain flag. :)

* Logging on the internet and checking if he's online or if he had left you an offline message. :)

Missing someone feels good when you know that he misses you back. It's sad when you know that the feeling isn't mutual.


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