Friday, September 11, 2009



1. I love strawberry, very rocky road, pistachio and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

2. I'm a cry baby. I even cry at commercials.

3. I enjoy the experience of a cup of coffee. Coffee addict at that!

4. Love tattoos to the nth power.

5. I love Christmas. Decorating as early as November and getting it off on the feast of the three Kings or the Chinese New Year makes it the longest season for me.

6. I love my pit bull, Kobe.

7. My dream car is a black 1963 Mercury Comet S-22 Convertible with red leather interiors.

8. I want to learn how to ride a bike. My Papa wouldn't let me when I was young.

9. I can't live without my iPod. It's the same as I can't live without my cellphone and laptop (with internet connection of course).

10. I keep my true emotions private.

11. I'm narcoleptic. I once fell asleep standing with nothing to lean on and almost fell flat on the floor. Then I woke up to the chagrin of my classmates laughing like hyenas.

12. I'm coulrophobic. Clowns give me the creeps. Behind that happy face facade is a mysterious, evil and creepy creature.

13. I'm a movie freak. I can go from one cinema to another in a day... I once brought cooked rice for my snack inside the movie house.

14. I hate ants. Killing spree with ants is so therapeutic for me.

15. I eat balut even if it's freezer cold.

16. I don't like ice in my water.

17. I like my glass of water half full.

18. I can be loud! I burp like a truck driver. I snore like a drunk and I fart louder and deadlier than Shrek.

19. I was an OC when i was young.

20. I want to try riding on top of a jeepney ("taplod").

21. I love my sisters (Ate Aimee & Ditse) and fave brother ( Kuya Noel) a lot as much as I miss them a lot. My Kuya always sings me a song on the phone. Ditse and I could chat all night ,and my Ate influences me on the love of bags, shoes and clothes.

22. I'm the baby in the family

23. I used to play Counter-strike, a computer war game, and joined several tournaments as just the only girl in the team and among all players. We won 2nd always. The 2nd best! Never the champ!

24. I had several encounters with thieves. I once ran after them, forgetting that I'm a girl.

25. I always thought that I can get good-piano-playing syndrome if I go with my brother wherever he goes when I was young.

26. I used to have self-examination of conscience before going to sleep when I was young.

27. I love vampire movies. I even dream to be one and meet one. When vampires fall in love, they never fall out of love.

28. I have a twin sister. It's just that she's 6 years older than me. She knows a lot about me, even before I tell her and before things happen. She's a witch, y'know!

29. I'm a recovering alcoholic. :)

30. I want to learn how to swim.

31. My Papa and I share the same birth date.