Tuesday, September 15, 2009



For me, Surreal...

... is when my friend and I happened to have the same dream at the same time.

... is when I lost my ballet shoes and looked all over yet I found it in some odd place.

... is when my car engine was overheating and I was in a hurry then, I opened the car radiator and boiling water squirted to my face down to my neck. I rushed to my bedroom and applied petroleum jelly. After an hour, there were no blisters nor red marks.

... is when a firecracker, "triangle", blew in my hand and nothing happened. From then on, I don't lit a firecracker.

... is when you feel butterflies in your stomach and in no time, you get a buzz from a friend.

... is when you get along with someone you just met without knowing why.

... is when you miss someone you just met with no reason at all.

Things happen with valid reasons. If you doubt why something happens to you, you will never enjoy life's surprises and life's mysteries. Life may be complex yet wonderful.



  1. There is a reason why you miss "The Who".

    ...cause you like him choo. hehehehehe

    But I wonder if he misses you choo. I'm gonna ask him. wahahahahaha.

  2. you dont know who "the who" is.
    how could you know its "the who" it is?
    how could you know why its him i miss?
    cause i dont even know y i feel like this.